Stories on the boat

B&B Tra Mare e Laguna & Stories on the boat
B&B Tra Mare e Laguna
& Stories on the boat

Venice by the water

Alternative lagoon – tours with a typical venetian boat, called Sanpierotta. for 2-4 persons.

Venice, the Serenissima Watertown, mysterious, beautiful, unique in the world.Constructed on 120 different islands and over 1 million wooden stakes, passed through by 175 canals with 38km total length, connected with 444 bridges , surrounded by around 30 islands in the lagoon and situated in front of the Adriatic sea … In the lagoon of Venice, land and sea are an unique and incredible balance.

Do you want to discover this wonderful town from the water perspective? Thereupon you’ re at the right place with us!

With our  boat tours, Stories on the boat, , we’ ll bring you with our traditional venetian boat (the Sanpierotta) to the most beautiful and silent places in the lagoon and  let you become a feeling of historical atmosphere seeing the palaces & churches, bridges and places from the water perspective.

For people who knows Venice very well, we offer special boat tours to alternative places.

Curious ?

Just write us or give us a ring! We’ll be glad to give you any further information.

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